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Whole Wheat and Durum Wheat Taste Box

Our wholemeal pasta is made only with first quality Italian wheat semolina deprived only of the outermost cortical layer.

The "Wholemeal" of Pasta Vietri are rich in nutrients that are important for the body because they provide the right amount of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts.

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Package weight10 Kg

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The package box contains 10 kg of Pasta Vietri, 7kg are Italian whole durum wheat and 3kg of durum wheat, made with pure bronze molds thanks to which the Vietri pasta acquires its inimitable rough and porous surface and its genuine and artisanal characteristics.

Enojoy our Italian Taste Box that contains:

  • - 2x500 gr of Pappardelle Casarecce wholemeal
    - 2x500 gr of Fusilli Casarecci wholemeal
    - 2x500 gr of Linguine wholemeal
    - 2x500 gr of Pennoni Rigati wholemeal
    - 2x500 gr of Mafalde wholemeal
    - 2x500 gr of Candele 
    - 2x500 gr of Tripolini
    - 2x500 gr of Cavatelli
    - 2x500 gr of Millerighe
    - 2x500 gr of Paccheri Rigati

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