Vermicelli with seafood


4 serves

Vermicelli 300 gr.
Mussels 500 gr.
Clams 400 gr.
Other molluscs at whish ( razor clam, seatruffle, shrimps, etc)
Extra Virgin Oil 100 cl.
Garlic 1 clove
Tomatos 400 gr.
Vermicelli ai frutti di mare


Wash the seafood in plenty of water.
Cook them in a covered pan at medium heat until they are open.
Drain the seafood conserving the cooking liquid and peel half of the seafood, leaving the other half with the shell for the final decoration of the plate.
In another pan fry the garlic in the oil, add the molluscs and tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes, adding, if necessary, the cooking liquid of the molluscs.
Cook the vermicelli al dente and season with the prepared sauce.
Decorate with the remaining shells and chopped raw parsley.