Spiralini con chili pepper, olives and tuna


4 serves

Spiralini 350 gr.
Tuna in Extra virgin Oil 150 gr.
Pitted black oilves 100 gr.
Tomatoes 4
Garlic 1 clover
Red chili pepper 1pz
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spiralini con peperoncino olive e tonno


In a pan fry the garlic and the chili pepper in a few tablespoons of oil.
Add the tomatoes cut into pieces, add salt and cook for 10 minutes.
Add the finely chopped tuna and olives and cook for a few minutes.
Meanwhile, cook the "al dente" the Sprialini, drain and pour into the pan with the sauce.
Leave two minutes to increase the flavor, add the chopped parsley and serve hot.