Our History

When the founder of the company, Giovanni Vietri, organized the first productions of pasta was the year 1890.

At that time the first “spaghetti”, “maniche”, “penne”, “ziti” and “fusilli” were dried in the sun on long bamboo canes.

The wisdom of the master pasta makers and the natural climatic conditions ensured a healthy product to our tables, with the utmost genuineness and unmistakable scent.

From that period, of that experience, today remains an impressive photographic archive, a precious collection of molds, buratti, rolling mills, elevators, but above all, the heritage of pasta art that, handed down to the generations that followed in conducting the Pasta Vietri pasta factory, has allowed the consolidation of a unique tradition and its modern exploitation. 



Pasta Vietri Today

Today Pasta Vietri is a unique, modern and ... “stubborn” company.

because we produce over 130 different shape included special shapes of wholegrain pasta

because we have the most advanced production and packaging technologies

because we are convinced that true quality can only be achieved by respecting the ancient traditions of the master pasta makers


 Pasta Vietri uses, for the extrusion of the different formats, only pure bronze molds thanks to which the Vietri pasta acquires its inimitable rough and porous surface and its genuine and artisanal characteristics.

After the bronze drawing, the Pasta is exalted by the same process used in old-fashioned pasta making: slow drying at low temperature.

Only this type of drying ensures a product rich in aroma and nutritional values, with consistency and unique flavor

Pasta Vietri loves pasta so much that it has decided to make it for all needs and all the curiosities, in fact, we have over 130 formats to be used for all occasions from the simplest recipes to the most sophisticated ones.


The special sizes are a flagship, if you are looking for a special format, you can find it here.

But we could not be satisfied with this!

Try our wholegrain special shape bronze-molded